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Champion Straw Pellets Bedding

  • Champion Straw Pellets Bedding
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  • straw pellets – animal bedding
Champion Straw Pellets Beddingphotostraw pellets – animal bedding

Champion Straw Pellets Bedding

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Thermally processed up to 100-150 degrees temperature and eliminates any  possibility of horse getting an allergy.

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Product Description

Champion Straw Pellets Animal Bedding

Are you not tired of using sawdust and shavings? All it does is gets wets and becomes a wet sticky mush. Who wants to deal with that?! Time has come to change the way we think about bedding and we have something of value for you if you really care for your beloved animal and nature.

Introducing Champion straw pellets. Yes, straw pellets! Who would have thought that this will become number 1 in bedding market with all of its benefits? It is so good that whoever tries it – NEVER goes back to any other type of bedding available out there.

OK, so why is it different from anything else you ask? To start with Champion straw pellets bedding is a 100% natural product made from wheat straw with no additives. It is highly liquid absorbent (up to 4 times of its own weight) and has very good smell absorption too. High absorption helps to control the moisture level in a stall and reduces condensation greatly. Horses with breathing problems have shown to improve their breathing after switching to Champion straw pellets bedding. There are number of benefits to list all of which you can find here

After you went through all the benefits you can clearly see that your usual bedding simply can not match the Champion straw pellets.

So how do I use Champion straw pellets? Simple. Clean out your stall, depending on a size of a stall you will need 6-9 bags to start a bed (12 x 12 stall). Cut the bags open, pour it out and spread it evenly. You can choose to wet it slightly that “activates” pellets faster but none of our clients today do that as horses chatter the pellets by walking on them and then the magic starts to happen. Days after You will find that the bed is expanding as it absorbs moisture from the stall. You will notice that a bad smell is gone and your animal is somewhat happier too. If you are using rubber mats, you will need way less of Champion straw pellets. This depends on your needs but rubber mats reduce a need for pellets by 50% for sure.

By now you are probably thinking of ordering some and you are not sure what type of packing it comes in.

Champion straw pellets are packed in 15 kg clear polyethylene bags, 67 bags on the pallet a total of 1005 kg per pallet. This type of animal bedding is suitable for equine, cattle, goats, sheep and literally every other four-legged mammal. Available to be delivered free through out Ireland at unbeatable prices!

We really do hope you will find the guts to destroy your old habits when it comes to bedding and switch to Champion straw pellets today!

1 review for Champion Straw Pellets Bedding

  1. 5 out of 5


    I have been using this bedding now for over 6 months. I have a 22 year old horse no matter what bedding i used he was coughing. But i am delighted to report that he is now cough free and we were able to put him back into riding.

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