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How to Use Straw Pellets for Bedding

1. Take your horse out of the stall and clean the stall.

2. You will need 6-9 bags (15kg) of straw pellets for a 12 x 12ft. stall and about 1-2 bags per week to maintain it.

3. Spread out straw pellets evenly with a fork around the stall. You may then sprinkle it with fresh water (~0,5liters/1m2) which will “activate” it (soften and expand it).

4. Wait around 45-60 min before bringing a horse back (around 20 min using warm water). Horse will help to spread and shatter the pellets.

5. On a daily basis (as needed), remove only soaked areas or solid excrements and just add some fresh pellets to the affected area.

6. Used pellets should be changed as required using fresh straw pellets. Used straw pellets bedding does not harm fields unlike shavings, sawdust and wood pellets so it can be widely used as a high quality fertilizer.

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