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Just take a look at all of the advantages you could gain by switching to Champion straw pellets bedding:

  • Cost and labour affective


  • Very easy to muck out. Just use a fork to take away the solid bits in affected areas


  • Champion straw pellets absorb much more liquid than other forms of bedding including wood pellets so you use less of it less often


  • Up to 4 times liquid absorption of their own weight (e.g. 1 liter of straw pellets can absorb up to 4 liters of fluid)


  • Straw pellets absorb not only fluid, but also the smell (ammonia)


  • Free from dust


  • Drier air and less ammonia in stables


  • Good protection from moisture, condensation and mould in stables


  • Straw pellets are thermally processed up to 100-150Co temperature. This eliminates any possibility of horse getting allergy reaction


  • Straw pellets are 100% natural and ecological (made from natural wheat, barley, oat, rye and other straw). It contains many valuable natural nutrients, fiber, trace elements: potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen, iron, cooper, zinc, manganese. Horse won’t be harmed in any way even if it consumes some straw pellets


  • High quality fertiliser. Champion straw pellets break down in weeks compared to wood based bedding (including wood pellets) that take years to break down and decompose making it very inconvenient and also harmful for fields


  • Conveniently packed. Takes up less space than wood shavings, packed sawdust or straw bales. Requires smaller storage area

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